Iceland x Pendleton.

In September, my brother and I took the trip of a lifetime and road tripped across Iceland, traveling the Ring Road in ten days. This country has always been the stuff of legends, a mystical land just waiting to be explored, and it did not disappoint. It's almost overwhelming in its raw power and natural beauty, the landscape ever-changing and the weather moodily shifting along with it. This land is a dreamworld brought to life and you'll never quite shake that feeling that you've visited another planet. 

We loved working with Pendleton Woolen Mills along the way and their gorgeous wool blankets, sweaters, and scarves kept us warm on our many Icelandic adventures.

Seljalandsfoss Skógafoss
Sólheimajökull glacier Sólheimasandur plane crash
Vík ・ Reynisfjara beach ・ Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
East Fjords
the Moon ・ Myvatn
Gódafoss ・ Akureyri ・ Hvammstangi ・ Borgarnes
Lava fields ・ Kerid crater ・ Thingvellir

Forget Me Knots.

My lovely friend launches her business, Forget Me Knots, today! Her unique, hand-crafted rings serve as a reminder to women of their beauty and self worth. The sweet bows come in pairs, so keep one for yourself and give one away to a friend to remind her of her truest identity. Head over to to read more about the story and heart behind these beautiful rings. 

"Like the bows people used to tie around their fingers to remind them of something important, Forget Me Knots serve as tangible reminders of our truest identities.

We believe that a woman’s truest identity lies in her being created by God with purpose, intrinsic value, beauty, and a calling. Nothing that she has ever done or failed to do, nor anything anyone has done or failed to do to her alters her identity. Who she is at the core of her being is untouchable by people or circumstance." —

"What's your story? What do you need to be reminded of?" —

"I remind myself that I am enough whenever I see my Forget Me Knot." —